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    2. Australian Antcliff wins double winners of China Tour golf

      2019-04-29 03:33:08 GMT2019-04-29 11:33:08(Beijing Time) Xinhua English

      HAIKOU, April 28 (Xinhua) -- Maverick Antcliff of Australia won with 16-under 272 in Shenzhou peninsula Open leg of the China Tour golf tournament on Sunday.

      With the 2-game winning streak in China's island province of Hainan, the 26-year-old golfer will be the third one to complete this achievement in China Tour.

      At the same time, Chinese Taipei player Lin Kuan-Po finished with nine birdies, zero bogey, sharing the second place with Jin Cheng. With a single-round score of -9, Lin equaled Shenzhou Peninsula's record for the lowest ledger.

      The participation of two female players, Du Mohan ranked T50 after the final round and Liu Wenbo ended the game with a final ranking of No. 78. They all came from the Dreamstart Team for Olympics, which was established by China Golf Association on October, 2018.

      China Tour will take a short break and get back on track on May 26 in Wuhan, Hubei Province. This will be the fourth time for Wuhan Yishan Golf Club to go hand in hand with China Tour.

      Lushan Open will come the following week, on June 3. Lushan International Golf Club was once a venue for China Tour in 2015 season. The winner Bryden Macpherson will also get back to Lushan this year.


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