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    2. Trump calls Election Day 'our Independence Day'

      2016-11-08 06:31:39 GMT2016-11-08 14:31:39(Beijing Time) Agencies

      Donald Trump is channeling Hollywood as he kicks off the final rally of his unconventional presidential campaign.

      "Today is our Independence Day," Trump declares at a rally in Grand, Rapids Michigan in the early hours Tuesday. He says, "Today the American working class is going to strike back."

      Trump had been expected to hold his last rally in New Hampshire - but added one last event to his calendar as his team made an 11th-hour push into traditionally Democratic states.

      Trump says he doesn't need superstars like Jay Z, Beyonce or Lady Gaga to draw crowds, like his rival Hillary Clinton. He says, "All we need is great ideas to make America great again."

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